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Miller's Farmstead

The Miller’s Farmstead in Uniejów is a museum and accommodation complex with 5 historical facilities moved here from the Łódź Voivodeship. These include: a manor house Ngórki, two windmills - post mills from Chorzepin and Zbylczyce, a livestock building from Uniejów and a peasant cottage from Skotniki. Moreover, the complex also features a faithful copy of a barn from Besiekiery.

The manor house offers rooms for tourists. It is also possible to book accommodation in unusual and original scenery of historical propelling equipment of the windmill from Chorzepin. The windmill from Zbylczyce is a real museum of miller’s trade, in which visitors can observe, under the supervision of the curator, as well as participate in the process of rye flour production. The peasant cottage from Skotniki is fitted with a bread oven. The bread that is baked inside, based on a traditional recipe, is offered to our guests at a good price.

The barn is a place where an exhibition of historical horse-drawn carriages and a rich collection of old joiner’s and carpenter’s tools are displayed. The livestock building served a function of a stable, whereas its specially prepared boxes are waiting for tourists arriving at the Miller’s Farmstead on their own horses. The surrounding picturesque areas and beautiful nature characteristic of the Warta River create wonderful conditions for horse-back riding.


Rules and Regulations:  Britzka - Miller’s Farmstead [ Download PDF ]